Impossible Wish List!

This summer something amazing happened in Minneapolis. Our local modern Art Museum, the Walker Art Center, hosted a cat video film festival. Hundreds of people gathered on the lawn next to the building to watch two hours of Internet cat videos on a giant screen. I got to go. I had a great time. It was like a genii granted a wish I didn’t know I made. So if there is such an entity here in no particular order are a few more impossible wishes you could grant. Once you’ve taken care of war, disease, and hunger of course.

1: Donald Faison andĀ Donald GloverĀ becoming a comedy team called Double Donald that specializes in comedy rap and R&B. They’d be unstoppable.

2: New episodes of Daria using the original creative team and voices. With the characters being the ages they would be today. If only to see if I’m right in my suspicion that Jane Lane is Banksy.

3: A movie centered on Patrick (played by Ezra Miller) from the Perks of Being a Wallflower. (I will be posting a review of Perks, once I can put my feeling about it into words.)

4: The Dr. Who fiftieth anniversary episode featuring at least doctors 8 through 11. In a real story, not some clip/tribute special. I’m torn about 4 through 7, since they look so different from when they were playing the part.

5: Felicia Day turning out to be the mother on How I Met Your Mother. After eight years of build up the mother has got to be really special, and few people are as lovable as Felicia Day. Plus it would be an alternate universe reunion of Penny and Dr. Horrible.

Anyone want to chime in with more wishes?