About Me

Susan Taitel will neither confirm nor deny that she is a being of pure magic. She manifests on our plane periodically to dispense humor and enjoy the luxury of a hot shower. Her favorite color is beyond your ken, but she assures you it’s lovely.

Valerie Valdes- biographer

List of Publications:

Sister published in Horror, Humor, and Heroes Vol 2. (Purchase here)

Wandering Eye published in By Polaris Bright: MinnSpec Vol 3. (Purchase here)

From the Offices of the Department of Children and Family Services, Kings Landing Office published on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. (Read for free here)

Seeded published in Gallery of Curiosities episode 54, anthology #2 Spring 2018 (Purchase here) (Or listen for free here)

Amenities published in Stupefying Stories (Read for free here)

Cat Lady published in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine issue 35 (Read for free here)

The Rose Sisterhood published in Cast of Wonders (Read or listen for free here)

Deadbeat published in Cossmass Infinites issue 1 (Purchase here) reprinted in Best Indie Speculative Fiction volume 4 (Purchase here)

Ten Secret Things You Don’t Know About Closet Monster published in Daily Science Fiction (Read for free here)

The Numbers published in Daily Science Fiction (Read for Free Here)

Choosing published in Baffling Magazine issue 4 (Read for free here) (Purchase here) reprinted in Small Wonders issue 5 (Read for free here)

Date and Time published in Daily Science Fiction (Read for free here)

Guard of the Crossing published in Manawaker Studios Podcast (Listen for free here)

Such Sweet Sorrow, Jeeves published in Fairfield Scribes Microfiction issue 19 (Read for free here)

Endnote published in Translunar Traveler’s Lounge issue 7 (Read for free here)

Do Not Ignore This Plea: the Mother Spider is Counting on You published in Flash in a Flash (Read for free here)

Which World Ending Nightmare Are You published in If There’s Anyone Left volume 3 (Purchase here) reprinted in Archive of the Odd issue 4 (Purchase here)

Can Anyone Tell Me What Kind of Moth This Is? published in Flash Fiction Online November 2022 (Read for free here)

Dad and Ick published in Nature Futures (Read for free here)

Night Mare published in Worlds of Possibility October 2023 issue (Purchase here)

Lilt and Luster published in Interstellar Flight Magazine (Read for free here)

Plus a couple of videos of me reading from works in progress.

I would probably maybe run over your mother for a real Chicago style pizza