It’s time to play the music. It’s time reverse the polarity of the neutron flow

So, instead of doing much editing as I planned, before April and starting my new novel, I’ve been drawing. I was hit with an idea. I’ve been doing portraits of the eleven incarnations of the Doctor as Muppets.




Funnily, I didn’t notice it while drawing, but each doctor corresponds with a Muppet.

Eleven—boneless flailing arms, mostly level headed but occasionally explosive, works well with others but clearly in charge, pursued by and “married” to female with big hair and forceful personality—Kermit
Four—wide mouth, wild hair, surrounded by attractive women despite unconventional looks, creates chaos—Animal
Ten—fondness for the eclectic, the more dangerous and impossible the situation the happier he is, sometimes gives in to melancholy—Gonzo
Eight—sleepy-eyed, very little screen time—Zoot
Three—condescending, certain of his own correctness, perpetually disapproving gaze—Sam the Eagle
Six—unpredictable, flamboyant, not especially popular with the fans, destructive—Lew Zealand
Nine—too cool for school, philosopher, usually in the company of a blonde—Floyd Pepper
Seven—likes hats, puts in a valiant effort but ultimately bombs—Fozzie
Five—amiable, low key, earnest—Scooter
Two—is not above heckling, likes when things go wrong, short—Waldorf
One—crabby, old fashioned, would rather observe than participate—Statler

They’re available as a a group and individually at my Red Bubble shop. If they do well I’ll probably do more muppet style portraits.


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