The Year in Books

For the last couple of years I’ve kept a running list of the books I’ve read over the course of a year. My slightly compulsive brain likes having a record. This year’s list is a little shorter than past ones. I attribute that to working on three separate manuscripts (two completed, plus major rewrites) an editing class, querying agents, and a busier social life, taking up some of my reading time.

2012 by the numbers

Grand total
25 books read since January. (That doesn’t include single issue comics or the many picture books I read to my insatiable niece.) – 11 graphic novels/12 novels/1 short story collection

24 audiobooks listened to. (Coincidence that it’s equal to the number of books.

Breaking it down by category
6 read on my Kindle

4 of the 6 Kindle reads were unpublished manuscripts reviewed for my critique group. (I’m not counting the many times I read and reread my own work as I edited.)

4 books I’d read in the past and wanted to revisit.

5 borrowed from friends

3 from the library

16 young adult – 5 books/10 audiobooks

7 middle grade – 4 books/3 audiobooks

4 nonfiction – 4 audiobooks

Favorite Author numbers
2 Neil Gaiman – 1 book (Fragile Things)/ 1 audiobooks (The Graveyard Book, one of the revisited)

2 Jane Austen (Mansfield Park) (Emma, one of the revisited)

1 Jasper Fforde (the Last Dragonslayer)

2 Brian K. Vaughan (False Faces) (Ex Machina vol.9)

1 Douglas Adams (the Salmon of the Doubt)

Currently, I’m reading Bumped by Megan McCafferty and listening to Cold Days by Jim Butcher. But I’m only counting the books I finished before the end of the year. Alright 2013, show me what you got!

Edited: I finished Bumped this morning so I went back and added to the totals.

3 thoughts on “The Year in Books

  1. Is it wrong that I’m pleased to have contributed so many distractions last year? I can’t wait until Colleen learns to read and we can all lounge around together devouring our own books.

  2. What a fab idea! I just might do it myself in 2013. It’s too late for 2012 because it would be too difficult for me to go back over everything I read this year and I’d invariably miss stuff. I will say I read a lot of post-WW II history like “The Age of Reagan” and “Nixonland.” Plus, I read a good number of graphic novels like “Feyman,” ” Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout,” “A People’s History of American Empire,” “The Complete Persepolis,” and others.

    I recommend everyone start doing this!

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